HIGHBORN (Juno/Pocket Books, October 2010) -- Available Here.
CONCRETE SAVIOR(Juno, Pocket Books, June 2011) -- Available Here.

About The Dark Redemption Novels

Written by Yvonne Navarro, the Dark Redemption novels tell the story of Astarte. Lucifer's lover and one of the highest-ranking female demons in Hell, Astarte has a change of heart-- she wants forgiveness, she wants back into Heaven, and most of all, she wants out of Hell. She escapes to Earth and takes the name Brynna Malak, and thus begins her long re-education into the realm of forgiveness, empathy and reluctant affection for humankind.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Who Wants to Know???!

You do, of course! Find out more than you ever dared about Yvonne Navarro and her husband, Weston Ochse! No, it's not one of those annoying Internet-stalking-paymebigbucksandI'llfindoutanything websites. It's an honest to gosh aboveboard interview over on Gini Koch's BLAH BLAH BLAH Blog. So check it, read it all the way through, and then follow the instructions. Why? Well, you'll have to read the instructions to find out!

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